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About us

VUC Storstrøm stands for Adult Education in Region Zealand, Denmark.

Adult Education Centres (VUC) were established more than 50 years ago as a formal part of the Danish public education system. The 29 VUC centers in Denmark offer a wide range of general adult education programmes with learning environments for continual learning.

VUC Storstrøm is a self-governing Adult Education Center (VUC) under the Danish Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality. VUC Storstrøm serves the southern part of Region Zealand.

Our mission

VUC Storstrøm believes in an adult educational environment based on responsibility, cooperation and respect.

By education VUC Storstrøm will strengthen young people and adults’ active involvement in society and their opportunities to improve their own lives.

We focus on development and international cooperation, offering educational and professional competences of a high standard.